Welcome KGP Logistics Supplier

As a current or prospective supplier, what do you need to know in order to do business with KGP Logistics? What are KGP Logistics's policies and procedures? Below are links that will provide answers to questions suppliers often ask.

Article of Incorporation

Our company remains incorporated through certification with the state of Ohio as it has been for over 100 years. We have filed an amendment for a name change to KGP Logistics. To access a copy of the Name Change Amendment to Articles of Incorporation, click here.

Purchase Order Terms

To access the current KGP terms please select one of the following links based on the type of transaction. Both product and service purchase order terms are maintained from this site and will be updated as necessary.

KGP General Purchase Order Terms click here.
KGP EF&I Purchase Order Terms click here.

Billing and Contact Information

At this time there are no changes to our billing, remittance, mailing or email addresses or to our phone numbers, fax numbers or other contact information. We will notify you if and when we have changes in any of our contact information.

Please look for future information regarding changes that may be communicated on our purchase orders and/or invoices.

Contract Management

We serve as Contract Administrator/Operational owner of Supplier Contracts and Non-Disclosure & Trial Agreements for KGP Logistics, PREMIER and EF&I. Dispute resolution, Contract Terminations and Contract Archiving are also functions handled by the Contract Negotiators.

For supplier price changes, supplier notification, product change notices, manufactured discontinued items notices, etc. please send an email to

Distribution Operations

Distribution Operations manages the forward and reverse flow of goods and services between suppliers, inventory, and end users through information, transportation, resource, inventory, warehouse, material handling and packaging management. Click here - to access the - Supplier Packing Requirements - to determine how materials should be packaged. For added security, the KGP Logistics Routing Guide is now password protected which will require you to have access to our website.

To access KGP Routing Requirements log in at Once you have logged in, open the Routing Guide link from the left-hand navigation bar.

For new users, click here to register for a user name and password to access the web site. If possible, please enter your four digit supplier account number in the KGP Logistics, Inc Account # field which will expedite your request. Once you register, you will receive two system generated emails one with your Username and the other with your temporary password. The first time you log in, your will be prompted to change this temporary password.

Note: Passwords are case sensitive and must be at least 8 characters in length (alpha-numeric only). The password must contain a minimum of two letters and two numbers.

Forecasting and Material Planning

Forecasting and Material Planning manages the forecasting, planning, purchasing, and expediting of product through customer-focused demand and inventory solutions targeted to exceed customer expectations.

- KGP Logistics POA (Purchase Order Acknowledgement) Submission
- KGP Logistics ASN (Advanced Shipment Notification) Submission

Note: Clicking on either of these links will require you to enter your Username and Password in order to proceed.

Industry Trade References

KGP Logistics, Inc provides the same trade references as provided by EMBARQ Logistics. To access our Trade References, click here.

Logo and Guidelines for Use

We request that you remove the EMBARQ Logistic logos from websites, advertisements and other collateral and replace with our new KGP Logistics logo as soon as possible. Click here to access our new logo and guidelines for use.

Tax Certification

There are no changes to our Uniformed Sales and Tax Certification other than our name change. To view the KGP Logistics Uniform Sales and Tax Certificate, click here.